Work permit for foreign workers

For the purpose of protecting Taiwanese nationals’ right to work, non-Taiwanese workers’ employment must never jeopardize nationals’ opportunities in employment, employment terms, economic development, or social stability. Accordingly, unless otherwise specified in the Employment Service Act, no foreign worker may work in Taiwan without the employer having first applied for and obtained a permit. No one may illegally let foreign workers stay to engage in work, nor is it legally for anyone to refer a foreign worker to work for any third party.

Types of work permit

There are many types of work permits, but we focus on two types which are most common to most companies:

  • Specialized or technical work.
  • Director/manager/executive of a business supported / set up by overseas investment.

Threshold of CEO work permit is lower but limited to one person for a company:

CEO of a business supported or set up by overseas investmentSpecialized or technical work
Quota1 personNot limited
Requirements for the employer
  • Capital: TWD 0.5 million, and
  • 1/3 of the capital supplied through foreign investment
Capital: TWD 5 million
Requirements for the employeeRegistered as the CEO
  1. Professional certification; or
  2. Master's degree; or
  3. Bachelor's degree with 2-year work experience; or
  4. Other special cases to be considered.
Requirements for monthly salaryNoneTWD 47,971
Effective PeriodUp to 3 yearsUp to 3 years

Three government agencies are involved:

1Apply for work permitMinistry of Labor1~2 weeks
2Apply for work visaMinistry of Foreign Affairs1~2 weeks
3Apply for Alien Resident Certificate ("ARC")Immigration Agency1~2 weeks
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